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ComplyAuto Launches AI Compliance Engine

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ComplyAuto launches Guardian, an AI-powered platform for car dealerships to ensure compliance with advertising, sales, and F&I regulations. Guardian streamlines compliance tasks, identifies issues, and offers solutions, saving dealerships time and resources.

ComplyAuto, a pioneering regulatory technology studio led by compliance experts, announces the launch of Guardian, an innovative artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) engine designed to assist automotive dealerships in adhering to sales, finance and insurance (F&I), and advertising regulations.

Guardian offers a significant advantage in an industry frequently scrutinized by the Federal Trade Commission and state attorneys general for compliance issues in advertising, sales, and F&I practices. This platform provides dealerships the tools to create and review advertisements, ensuring full compliance with federal and state regulations.

Chris Cleveland, Co-Founder and CEO of ComplyAuto, emphasizes the transformative potential of Guardian, stating, “Guardian is set to revolutionize the regulatory compliance framework within the auto dealership sector, offering capabilities far surpassing any existing solutions.”

Guardian leverages AI/ML technology to conduct audits of 100 or more advertisements up to 2,000 times faster than human counterparts, with 15 percent greater accuracy than seasoned compliance attorneys. Capable of inspecting digital or print ads in less than 60 seconds, Guardian performs an exhaustive 100+ point review on all elements, including imagery and text. Guardian also identifies compliance issues, audits deal jackets and suggests remedies, all through an accessible dashboard interface.

Further, the platform introduces state-of-the-art advertisement and policy generators, manages records, and provides an extensive virtual training program. With features for vendor management, training, and a comprehensive forms library, Guardian equips compliance officers, general managers, directors, and owners with everything needed to enhance their sales, F&I, and advertising strategies.

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