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CodeSignal Launches CodeSignal Learn: AI-Powered Learning

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CodeSignal Learn paves the way for a new era in technical learning.

CodeSignal announces CodeSignal Learn, a practice-based learning platform that offers one-on-one guidance and AI-powered learning tools to help individuals cultivate in-demand technical skills.

CodeSignal Learn is redefining technical education with a revolutionary approach that places hands-on experience at its core. Recognizing that true mastery comes from practical application; the platform offers a diverse range of accessible lesson types carefully tailored to accommodate various learning styles. With thousands of skills, CodeSignal Learn covers everything from Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Full-Stack Engineering, and more. Unlike traditional learning platforms, CodeSignal Learn is designed to be engaging and directly applicable to professional life, ensuring learners not only master but can also apply the skills needed for career growth.

Cosmo, an AI-powered coding guide, develops individual learning journeys for each user. Like a tutor who can check your work and clarify specific concepts, Cosmo creates learning experiences that are both challenging and fun, prompting users with unique challenges and unblocking users when they get stuck. With 76% of developers using AI coding assistant tools to learn new technical skills, CodeSignal Learn comes when artificial intelligence revolutionizes how developers approach and enhance their coding capabilities.

“Since 2015, technical leaders have relied on CodeSignal to identify people with the best skills for their business needs. It’s a thrilling moment to launch a product that helps people develop and master in-demand skills as well,” said Tigran Sloyan, CEO & Co-Founder of CodeSignal. “CodeSignal Learn is not merely a learning tool; it’s a dynamic experience tailored to meet the unique needs of every individual, providing the skills and confidence necessary to thrive in the current and future tech landscape.”

In conjunction with the launch of CodeSignal Learn, CodeSignal hosted its annual Beyond event today, Thursday, February 8th, in San Francisco. The event brought together insightful tech leaders, including Steve WozniakSal KhanChris Slowe, Narine Hall, and Kylie Robinson, to share their insights into the future of artificial intelligence, technical hiring, and learning.

“The energy and enthusiasm at Beyond was inspiring. We witnessed an incredible gathering of tech enthusiasts and industry professionals, all sharing in the excitement of this groundbreaking moment,” says Brenna Lenoir, Senior Vice President of Marketing at CodeSignal.

CodeSignal Learn signifies a bold step forward for technical education, redefining how individuals engage with and master technical skills. The platform democratizes education, ensuring accessibility for all skill levels. Still, its personalized experience goes beyond mere skill-building, preparing people for the real challenges they’ll face in their careers.

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