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Cloud Gaming Report: Tracing the Consumer Journey

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Sixty-eight percent of the smartphone users who claim they play cloud games regularly identify as heavy gamers, reveals Ericsson Consumer Lab

Peter Rinderud from Ericsson ConsumerLab highlights Ericsson’s previous customer journey study, where and why potential cloud gamers still drop out, and CSPs’ role in improving customer retention by leveraging 5G capabilities.

To understand the behavior and attitudes of Ericsson consumers towards cloud gaming, the researchers of Ericsson ConsumerLab segmented the cloud gaming customers to understand their journey. 

Seven consumer segments were created from a cluster analysis of smartphone users on 4G or 5G, in the age interval between 15-69 years, based on criteria including how much they play video games, the type of device they use to play video games and their purpose when playing video games.

As many as 68% of smartphone users claimed that they regularly play cloud games and identify as heavy gamers, although heavy gamers only account for 35% of all smartphone users. Sixty-eight percent of all cloud gamers are 4G users, and only 32% are 5G users. On the other hand, the smaller group of 5G users is more active and plays cloud games to a larger extent than 4G users.

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