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Analog Devices, SambaNova Partner for AI Integration

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The two forces implement a suite to propel global transformations and spur business innovation, guaranteeing model ownership and data privacy for a strong return on investment.

The world’s leading semiconductor company, Analog Devices Inc. (ADI), has joined forces with SambaNova Systems, the developers of an exclusive end-to-end AI platform, to implement the SambaNova Suite to propel its global AI transformation and integrate AI throughout the organization.

ADI intends to use the SambaNova Suite in the first deployment phase to improve field sales and customer support. This will strengthen customer relationships and streamline access to comprehensive data sheets for well-informed field recommendations.

The SambaNova Suite is an enterprise-focused generative AI platform that is acknowledged as the first full-stack solution, from chips to models. The suite delivered on-premises or in the cloud, offers an integrated platform with open-source models that can be adjusted using customer data for improved accuracy. Customers maintain perpetual ownership over their models, making generative AI an invaluable resource.

ADI’s Chief Technology Officer, Alan Lee, reaffirmed the organisation’s dedication to technological leadership and innovation. He asserted that the partnership with SambaNova Systems will speed up the implementation of a generative AI platform at the corporate level to support clients’ success.

According to SambaNova Systems CEO and co-founder Rodrigo Liang, the partnership with ADI validates the market acceptance of their full-stack, emphasizing rapid deployment and significant outcomes

The founder and principal analyst of Constellation Research, Ray Wang, stressed the value of comprehensive AI solutions for businesses, avoiding expensive integration and guaranteeing model ownership and data privacy for a strong return on investment. 

SambaNova Systems’ Senior Vice President of Product, Marshall Choy, emphasized the partnership’s global significance while demonstrating the integrated software and hardware capabilities in enterprise-scale settings. He further insisted that the partnership with ADI exemplifies how SambaNova can spur innovation in Fortune 500 businesses.

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