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IntegriChain Acquires BridgeView, Creating Top Pharma Data Solution

The combined entity delivers the ICyte revenue optimization platform, which is powered by first-party data, AI-enabled data exploration, and field intelligence and alerting.

Outerbounds, Codemate Collaborate to Boost AI/ML Solutions for Enterprises

Struggling to implement AI solutions in your business? Outerbounds and Codemate offer a combo of expertise and a proven platform (Metaflow) to build and deploy custom AI/ML solutions.

Abstract Security Launches AI-powered Data Streaming Platform

Abstract Security disrupts the SIEM market with its AI-powered platform and welcomes industry expert Jon Oltsik to its Advisory Board.

Apple and Meta Discuss Adding Llama GenAI to iOS 18

Apple would allow Meta or any approved AI vendor to sell subscriptions to their AI services through iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. This model could give users more choices while keeping costs down for Apple.

Veritas Enhances Visibility into Unstructured and Sensitive Data

Latest release of Veritas Data Insight includes SaaS consumption option, plus performance enhancements for greater efficiency, speed and coverage.

10 Cutting-edge Data Protection Solutions: AI, Encryption and Beyond

Discover 10 innovative data protection companies using AI, encryption, and more! Let's explore trends and key players in the 21,200+ organization-strong data protection market.

Nuventive and Authentica Integrate for Higher Ed Data Insights

Reports Built on Authentica Solution's seed Intelligence Platform Inform the Nuventive Improvement Platform for Powerful Analysis and Action.

Medidata Launches AI-driven Clinical Data Studio

Delivers data review and reconciliation activities with embedded AI up to 80% faster, simplifying the data lifecycle by connecting numerous data sources.

Complaint Filed Against Google in EU Over Data Consent Issues

Noyb, an Austrian advocacy group, has filed a complaint against Google for allegedly collecting users’ data without appropriately asking for consent and being non-transparent with its advertising practices in the EU.

DeepMind’s AI Now Generates Soundtracks and Dialogue for Videos

DeepMind uses video and audio data to generate music, effects and dialogue. While not perfect, it raises concerns about the impact on creative jobs.

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