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Apple’s AI Moves Will Impact Future Chip, Cloud Security Plans

Apple's private hardware and software approach to device AI security contrasts with chipmakers' scramble. Will Apple's black box model become the gold standard for AI privacy?

Organizations Embrace Hybrid Cloud, Seek Security Solutions

Fortinet's report unveils cloud security trends and challenges in Saudi Arabia. Hybrid cloud adoption is rising, but security concerns and talent gaps remain.

IBM and Microsoft Collaborate to Enhance Cloud Security Operations

IBM and Microsoft Partner Up for Stronger Cloud Security! Collaboration offers tools and expertise to simplify security operations and protect hybrid cloud identities.

Cyber Insurance Rates Fall As Businesses Improve Security: Report

Cyber insurance premiums drop despite rising ransomware attacks. Businesses improve security and insurers see opportunity.

Qualys Discovers Critical “regreSSHion” Vulnerability in OpenSSH Server

Critical RCE Vulnerability Found in OpenSSH! (CVE-2024-6387) Patch immediately! Unauthenticated attackers can take full control of affected systems.

Modern Cloud vs. Mature Cloud: Are You Wasting Money?

Not all cloud is created equal! Learn the difference between "modern" and "mature" cloud deployments and how platform teams can optimize costs.

Should You Apply Multiple Cybersecurity Frameworks at Once?

Cybersecurity frameworks are blueprints for security, but choosing and implementing the right one is crucial. Learn expert tips to avoid mistakes and achieve success.

Shift Technology’s Generative AI Benefits Global Insurers

Customers achieve 95% document analysis accuracy and over 90% in subrogation liability assessment from Shift Solutions.

Darwin CX Expands Globally through dsb Partnership

Darwin CX acquires dsb, expanding its SaaS solutions for publishers to the European market. The combined offering provides data-driven personalization and next-gen sales and marketing tools.

Scammers Can Crack Nearly Half of Passwords in Under a Minute

Weak passwords are easy pickings for hackers! Kaspersky's study reveals that 45% of passwords cracked in under a minute. Learn how to create strong passwords and improve your online security.

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