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Spring Clean Your Digital Life: 5 Tips for a Fresh and Productive Year

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Feeling overwhelmed by your digital clutter? Kaspersky shared five easy steps to clean up your files, emails, apps, and more! Start the year fresh, boost productivity, and improve your online security.

As life returns to normal after the festive season, it’s the perfect time to tackle some much-needed digital decluttering. This “spring cleaning” will give you a fresh start to the year and boost your productivity. Here are five tips from Kaspersky experts to enhance your digital hygiene:

Delete unnecessary files

Don’t be discouraged by the seeming simplicity of this task. Deleting unused files can take longer than expected. While it might be daunting, especially with thousands of files, remove 20-50 files daily. Begin by cleaning up your desktop clearing shortcuts and folders you no longer need. This quick win will improve your computer’s performance and create order.

Next, tackle unnecessary files accumulated from browsing. Clean your downloads folder and utilize the performance tab of an internet security app (like Kaspersky) to identify large files, duplicates, and temporary files hidden deep within your system. Remember to empty the Recycle Bin after your cleanup!

Clean up your email and messengers

Feeling overwhelmed by email? Start by unsubscribing from unread newsletters and deleting messages from months or years ago. Chances are, if you haven’t read them yet, you never will. Declutter your drive further by deleting irrelevant messenger chats (except those crucial for work or personal life). Remember to clear out your spam folder regularly, even if your email program does it automatically. Check weekly for any important messages mistakenly sent there. When unsubscribing, always confirm the URL in your browser matches the intended source before entering any login credentials to avoid phishing scams.

Uninstall unused applications

Both laptops and smartphones likely have unused apps, particularly on the smartphone side. These apps occupy storage space and memory; outdated ones pose security risks. Start by deleting one unused app per day. You’ll be surprised by the freed-up space and reduced clutter, not to mention the potential reduction in unnecessary permissions granted to these apps.

Turn off unnecessary notifications

Our connected world presents the challenge of constant digital notifications, from fitness apps to birthday reminders. Disabling all notifications defeats the purpose, so instead, identify and silence apps that abuse them. Many devices offer “focus mode” to temporarily disable notifications during meetings or when needing to concentrate.

Check your passwords

This might be the least popular task, but it is crucial nonetheless. Few people practice good password hygiene, often using the same password for multiple accounts. Break this bad habit now! Tools like Kaspersky Password Manager can identify weak passwords and help you create unique, secure ones using random generators. It stores passwords encrypted and synchronizes them across all your devices for added convenience.

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