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Complaint Filed Against Google in EU Over Data Consent Issues

Noyb, an Austrian advocacy group, has filed a complaint against Google for allegedly collecting users’ data without appropriately asking for consent and being non-transparent with its advertising practices in the EU.

Web Scraping for AI Training: Can it Comply with GDPR?

Unsure if scraping public data for AI training is GDPR-compliant? EU regulators are raising concerns. Learn best practices to minimize data protection risks.

Senate Advances Bills to Protect Elections from AI

The bills would require AI-generated election ads to be labeled and prohibit deepfakes of federal candidates. The Senate Rules Committee passed three bills just months before...

UN Approves First Global AI Resolution

UN calls for safeguards on AI development to protect human rights and privacy. The resolution aims to guide responsible AI use. The United Nations General...

EU Court: GDPR Accepts Non-Foolproof Security

No more GDPR fear tactics! EU Court clarifies: companies liable for breaches only if security flaws, not merely attacks, cause harm. Get actionable takeaways...

Does the EU AI Act Pose a Threat to the Tech and Business Landscapes?

The EU AI Act is poised to impact the utilization of specific AI tools by enterprise businesses, particularly those employed in decision-making processes. 62% of...

Data Governance Models of Tech Giants, What You Need to Learn

Insights into how the giants use automated controls, AI integration, and iterative approaches to ensure data quality, compliance, and strategic advantage. Organizations need a solid...

On Data Governance, Stewards and Dragons

Data governance is like battling a three-headed dragon. Defeat it with automation, teamwork, and a unified data strategy. Data governance can feel like fighting a...

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