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xFarm Merges for Geospatial Agritech Lead

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Integrating the younger Spain- and France-based agritech companies will help xFarm Technologies acquire customers across Europe.

Swiss-Italian agritech startup xFarm Technologies has announced its integration of Greenfield Technologies and SpaceSense, hoping to establish itself as a leader in the key areas of regenerative agriculture and geospatial AI.

Greenfield Technologies is a company based in Badajoz that specializes in soil characterization to optimize the management of crops, making them more sustainable and resilient. At the same time, SpaceSense is a pioneering company based in Paris that provides climate intelligence services using satellite data and artificial intelligence to help companies and organizations perform better and large-scale sustainability analysis, enabling actions such as carbon monitoring over large areas.

Merging with the two companies allows xFarm Technologies to continue expanding internationally, which it has done with its presence in the Iberian Peninsula, France, Germany, and Poland. The expertise of new specialized teams will support this expansion.

“At Greenfield Technologies, we are thrilled to join forces with xFarm Technologies on a journey towards market leadership. This partnership highlights our complementarity in solutions and markets, bolstering our capabilities to continue our shared vision of empowering the agri-food sector to reach new levels of competitiveness and sustainability. In this way, we will strengthen our ability to enhance our solutions, such as agricultural soil characterization and support for relevant crops of the Mediterranean region like tomatoes, olives, or almonds, and we will advance in implementing regenerative agriculture to benefit our customers and the planet,” said Miguel Córdoba, CEO of Greenfield Technologies.

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“By uniting SpaceSense’s geospatial AI prowess with xFarm Technologies’ Agtech excellence, we aim to strengthen our Climate Intelligence services to empower farmers worldwide. Together, we’ll harness data and innovation to fulfill our purpose and accelerate sustainable agriculture, from assessing soil carbon levels to deploying strategies that combat emissions on a planetary scale,” – noted Jyotsna Budideti, CEO of SpaceSense.

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