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Tenable to Boost Cloud Security with Eureka Security Buy

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Tenable has signed an agreement to acquire Eureka Security, a leading provider of data security posture management (DSPM).

Tenable is renowned for its comprehensive security solutions that safeguard organizational exposures, while Eureka Security specializes in enhancing cloud data security through innovative DSPM technology.

The acquisition, set to close this month, aims to integrate DSPM capabilities into Tenable’s Cloud Security platform, specifically enhancing its Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP).

This strategic move provides customers with advanced tools to identify and mitigate cloud data risks. Although the financial details of the acquisition have not been disclosed, the strategic value is clear: it emphasizes enhanced security and compliance for cloud environments.

Tenable leads the market in exposure management, offering solutions that help businesses identify and address vulnerabilities across their digital environments. Their tools are crucial for maintaining security compliance and protecting against potential breaches.

On the other hand, Eureka Security focuses on securing cloud environments by providing visibility into data security, combating policy drift, and improving security postures over time. Their technology is vital for organizations enhancing their cloud data security measures.

The integration of Eureka Security’s DSPM technology into Tenable’s CNAPP is expected to be completed later this year. This enhancement will provide Tenable’s customers with a more comprehensive security solution that includes unified CNAPP, robust Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), cloud workload protection, and advanced Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM).

According to the 2024 Tenable Cloud Security Outlook study, many organizations have experienced cloud-related breaches, highlighting the urgent need for advanced solutions like those provided by the Tenable-Eureka partnership.

This acquisition addresses these challenges and sets a new standard for cloud security technologies.

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Tenable senior vice president and general manager of Cloud Security, Shai Morag, said, “Eureka Security’s technology will enable Tenable to provide even better prioritization of cloud risks and identify toxic combinations beyond vulnerabilities, misconfiguration, and over-privileged access to include data at risk as well.”

Eureka Security co-founder and CEO Liat Hayun said, “We’re excited to join Tenable. Integrating our capabilities into Tenable’s CNAPP offering creates a compelling capability for customers. Tenable also brings an expansive customer base and strong go-to-market capabilities. We couldn’t have found a better match to help us expand our global mission to reduce cloud data risk.”

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