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Tatvic Analytics Partners with Usercentrics

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Tatvic and Usercentrics combine to simplify data consent and compliance across websites, safeguarding user data and ensuring smooth navigation of global regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and beyond.

Tatvic Analytics announced its strategic partnership with Usercentrics, positioning itself as a Global Reseller Partner. This move facilitates the integration of an advanced Consent Management System (CMS) into websites, addressing the worldwide requirement for compliance with data protection regulations.

Tatvic executes its role as a Global Reseller to align with international data protection standards such as GDPR, DMA, CCPA, FADP, and other worldwide regulations. This symbiotic relationship represents a joint commitment to promote a safe digital atmosphere.

Tatvic underlines the significance of compliance with current data protection regulations like GDPR. In teaming up with Usercentrics, they aim to offer a robust mechanism for managing user data with user consent across various geographic regions, affirming their alignment with the ever-evolving realm of data protection.

As they delve into the escalating need for a Consent Management System exposed by the shifting global regulations regarding cookies, Tatvic strives to guarantee compliance with location-specific regulations. This attribute is growing increasingly vital in regions such as China and India and other South Asian countries.

As a certified Google Premium Partner, Tatvic’s association with Usercentrics strengthens their platform’s credibility further. Citing the importance of user trust and compliance in today’s digital space, Ruhbir Singh, the Global CEO at Tatvic, said, “Tatvic and Usercentrics join hands, creating a secure space for users’ data. Our partnership is more than solutions; it’s a commitment to simplicity and safeguarding your digital journey.”

Acknowledging Google as an influential gatekeeper under the EU Digital Marketing Act, Tatvic recognizes the significance of maintaining clean data consent hygiene. User Centrics’ CMS ensures rigorous compliance with these crucial data protection standards.

As an official reseller, Tatvic began product deployment and has been reaching out to its existing clients while extending its client base in collaboration with Google. The partnership is set to offer clients state-of-the-art compliance and data protection solutions.

Ensuring a seamless onboarding experience for its esteemed clients, Tatvic extends its commitment as the implementation partner for Usercentrics’ Consent Management System. This partnership ensures seamless website integration to expert configuration. Collaborations like this prepare the digital world for a secure future as the world grapples with data security.

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