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Super Bowl Scam Alert: Defend Your Endzone

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Khushbu Raval
Khushbu Raval
Khushbu is a Senior Correspondent and a content strategist with a special foray into DataTech and MarTech. She has been a keen researcher in the tech domain and is responsible for strategizing the social media scripts to optimize the collateral creation process.

Super Bowl Scams: Beware of Fake Merch, Crypto and Streaming. Protect yourself from phishing attacks and safeguard your funds with expert tips for a safe fan experience.

The Super Bowl has repeatedly set viewership records, reaching 113 million viewers in 2023, becoming the most-watched television event in the USA and worldwide, broadcasting to many countries. And the Super Bowl Halftime Show is a pop culture phenomenon: last year over 100 million people watched Rihanna’s performance live. But while this global event captivates fans and the media, it also attracts threat actors. Seeking to cash in on public interest, scammers employ old methods and devise new ways to profit fraudulently from the event.  Kaspersky experts have identified several such instances:

  1. Suspicious merch stores

Merchandise featuring favorite team logos, such as clothing and accessories, are in high demand, particularly before major sports events. Capitalizing on this, scammers create phishing sites that sell merch, sometimes even mimicking the appearance of real stores like NFL Shop and Fanatics. By purchasing items on sites like these, customers risk not receiving their orders, but more alarmingly, they share banking details with fraudsters. Examples of these fraudulent sites: 

To safeguard funds and personal data, it’s advisable to purchase merch from official websites only and to carefully verify the site’s address in the address bar. 

  1. Questionable crypto transactions

Tokens linked to high-profile global events, such as the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics have become commonplace lately. The Super Bowl is no exception, with new tokens emerging in its run-up.

The developers of these scams aim to profit from cryptocurrency holders interested in significant events. Typically, these tokens are short-lived, so Kaspersky experts advise caution as investors risk losing invested funds. Also, be wary of unfamiliar sites that try to sell you something, and never share your cryptocurrency wallet details like passwords and seed words.

  1. Streaming that don’t stream

Other examples of attempts to cash in on public interest in the Super Bowl are phishing websites that masquerade as streaming services. These sites allow users to register to access Super Bowl game broadcasts for free. Yet they demand bank details to prove the customer is not a robot. As a result, users subscribe, and funds are regularly withdrawn from their cards, but access to the broadcast never materializes.

To avoid falling victim to this phishing site, be vigilant of links on the Internet or in emails. To watch games, choose official streaming services. Also, it’s safe to avoid phishing sites in the future; consider installing a trusted security solution that will warn you about the danger when accessing a fraudulent site.

To ensure a safe and pleasant Superbowl experience, Kaspersky experts are sharing some tips that protect user’s devices:

  1. Be wary of emails, messages, posts on social media, and the links attached to them. Phishing scams can look very convincing and can lower the vigilance of users. Emails with lucrative offers from sports organizations, banks, and online stores require special attention. It is always better to find the official website and check if the offer is available there.    
  2. One of the simplest ways to protect yourself from phishing scams is to install and use a proper security solution. Its functionality includes alerting users when they are about to navigate to an unreliable site. 
  3. Remember that not all crypto projects are trustworthy. To secure your finances, it is better to choose conventional services for trading and avoid so-called altcoins (little-known cryptocurrencies).  
  4. A reliable password manager app will also keep your data protected from attackers creating strong unique passwords, safely storing IDs and bank details, as well as warning you if your account or cryptocurrency data has been leaked.

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