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Spryker Adds Middleware That Facilitates Data Integrations

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Spryker’s new middleware simplifies data integrations, reducing implementation and maintenance efforts by 90%.

Spryker, a composable commerce platform, launched middleware that makes data integrations easier.

The middleware is one of several product updates aimed at boosting business efficiency, reducing development time and delivering a more personalized user experience for the company’s global customers, Spryker said in a Monday (Nov. 27) press release.

The new Spryker Middleware powered by Alumio addresses the challenges associated with data integrations in a composable manner, streamlining integration processes and offering a low-code solution, according to the release. By facilitating easy integration, enterprises can reduce their implementation and maintenance efforts for data exchange by 90%.

In addition, Spryker has partnered with tech company Akeneo to launch a product information management (PIM) integration app, the release said. The app enables the management of product information across various channels.

Spryker is also expanding its Spryker App Composition Platform by introducing two new apps, per the release. One, the Vertex integration, automates the updating of tax rates and rules, simplifying tax calculation during transactions. The other app, the Algolia integration, offers an artificial intelligence search engine that enhances the customer journey and increases conversions.

Spryker’s Unified Commerce capability provides a consistent online and offline experience on a single platform, the release said. It facilitates easier management of separate systems such as sales, customer relationship management (CRM) and inventory, eliminating integration complexities.

With the introduction of a new fulfillment app and enhanced click-and-collect capabilities, Spryker customers can streamline the order fulfillment process and offer their clients the flexibility to choose between delivery or pickup, per the release.

For developers, Spryker launched the Oryx Framework, which allows for the creation of composable front ends, the release said. It offers a design system to develop modern user interfaces. The components integrate with Spryker application programming interfaces (APIs).

Digital transformation provides not only efficiency, effectiveness and savings but also a potential value add on the revenue side of the income statement, Spryker CEO Boris Lokschin told PYMNTS in an interview posted in August 2022.

“As companies are going through digital transformation, one thing that is changing is that from having been a purely or primarily cost reduction-related conversation, CFOs nowadays recognize that digital transformation for them is mostly about value creation,” Lokschin said at the time.

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