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Sonic Foundry’s Vidable Launches AI Video Platform

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Sonic Foundry’s Vidable launches an AI-powered video platform to transform and enhance enterprise video libraries, unlocking hidden insights and improving content accessibility.

Sonic Foundry, Inc., the trusted leader in video capture, management and streaming solutions, today announced that its Vidable® brand, which uses AI-powered solutions to turn video libraries into dynamic knowledge bases, has launched its flagship product offering – a secure platform designed to accelerate the distribution of high-quality content and improve the usability and value of enterprise video libraries.

The exponential growth of enterprise video libraries, fueled by the widespread adoption of videoconferencing and the proliferation of user-friendly recording tools, has presented opportunities and challenges for organizations. While it’s easier than ever to create and store video, extracting the full value of that content and ensuring that it functions efficiently as a knowledge resource can be a formidable task, leaving many organizations sitting on a great deal of latent value in their video libraries. This applies across the landscape of enterprise organizations, from healthcare and financial services to manufacturing and events. The Vidable platform incorporates three key AI-powered features – Assistant, Insights, and Transformations – each designed to address various challenges of managing large enterprise video libraries.

Through a conversational interface, Vidable Assistant empowers content owners and viewers with real-time support, search, and content generation capabilities. Vidable Insights uses AI to analyze a video’s speech, text, and other visual elements to produce quickly digestible content metrics and other data assets via a customizable analytics dashboard. Vidable Transformations offers automated content enhancement capabilities to improve the production quality and accessibility of video. The platform was designed to support modern organizations’ data security and confidentiality needs by focusing Vidable AI on specific data sets (e.g., one organization’s video library). Vidable will not expose organizations’ data to external sources or training models and does not interact with open-source internet content.

Sonic Foundry’s Senior Vice President of Product, Jason Weaver, remarked, “We’re thrilled to unveil the Vidable platform. With Assistant, Insights, and Transformations, we’ve harnessed a year of dedicated effort to craft AI solutions that address the unique challenges of today’s enterprise video content. These features empower creators to produce high-quality content while guaranteeing easy access to the information contained within that content for their peers, partners, and viewers.”

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