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Sasken and Qualcomm Partnership to Drive Meaningful Change for IoT

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Sasken and Qualcomm have partnered to drive meaningful change for the Internet of Things (IoT) through the Qualcomm IoT Accelerator Program. This collaboration will empower businesses with innovative solutions to improve efficiency and enable transformative growth.

Sasken delivers concept-to-market and chip-to-cognition R&D solutions to customers in myriad industries, including semiconductors, automotive, industrial, enterprise devices and consumer electronics, satellite communications, and transportation. Over the last three decades, Sasken’s deep engineering expertise has supported the transformations of more than a hundred Fortune 500 clients and powered over a billion digital devices.

Qualcomm strives to enable a world where everyone (and every ‘thing’ in the Internet of Things) becomes intelligently connected. From 5G-enabled smartphones doubling as pro-level cameras and gaming devices to smarter vehicles and smarter cities and behind-the-scenes tech that powers smarter factories that manufacture what people need, Qualcomm offers solutions in extended reality (XR) and wireless capabilities for mobile, connectivity, and location awareness for automotive, outfitted wearables, and more. (We also covered another Qualcomm IoT collaboration in late September.)

I say “another collaboration” because that’s precisely what’s happening with Sasken and Qualcomm now.

Through the Qualcomm IoT Accelerator Program (and by leveraging Sasken’s end-to-end capabilities), this collab is poised to empower modernization-minded businesses with additional solutions to drive efficiencies across the board and enable more transformative growth.

But don’t just take my word for it – Abhijit Kabra, CEO of Sasken Technologies, put it even better:

“We are so excited to collaborate with Qualcomm Technologies and for the distinction of being chosen as a member of their IoT Accelerator Program so we can reinforce our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in the technology realm,” Kabra stated. “Joining this program with Qualcomm holds immense promise and is a testament to our decades-old relationship and shared vision of leveraging the Internet of Things to revolutionize industries and truly enhance people’s lives.”

Atul Suri, Vice President of Strategy and Analysis and the Global Head of Business Development and Partnerships at Qualcomm, added to the conversation as well:

“The Qualcomm IoT Accelerator Program is specifically designed to create a robust ecosystem of connected IoT devices and innovators, driven by collaborations that transform approaches to existing business models and industry standards,” Suri said. “This ongoing collaboration will leverage Sasken’s extensive experience in IoT product engineering (combined with Qualcomm Technologies’ advanced offerings), ultimately  accelerating the creation of robust and security-rich IoT solutions.”

It looks like we’ll be keeping an eye on Sasken and Qualcomm and their collab’s promise for meaningful contributions to Internet of Things endeavors.

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