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Require Security Unveils Next-gen App Security

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Announcing the launch of Falcon, a next-generation application security product to protect against new AI-driven cybersecurity threats.

Require Security, a cybersecurity company spun out of the storied R&D cyber security group Aarno Labs, announces the launch of a groundbreaking runtime application security product, Falcon

Application Security practices are lagging behind threats. Falcon uses AI-driven techniques to provide automated protection over third-party and open-source dependencies in Node.js applications. The innovative solution equips CTOs and CISOs with advanced zero trust capabilities, enabling them to better understand the behavior of their open-source libraries, enhance their security posture, and safeguard sensitive data from software supply chain attacks.

Key features of Require Security’s Falcon product include:

  • Zero trust protection for Node.js dependencies: The solution ensures the highest level of security for businesses that rely on open-source libraries, shielding them from potential vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Comprehensive understanding of Node.js third-party library behavior and dependencies: The product empowers businesses to gain insights into how their open-source libraries function, allowing them to identify and address potential risks proactively.
  • Real-time alerts for security operations teams: Require Security’s product is designed to alert security operations teams immediately if an open-source library attempts to access sensitive resources when it shouldn’t, enabling quick and effective incident response.

As a more advanced alternative to the older generation of RASP tools, Require Security’s solution provides technology companies with deeper insights into their application behavior, including legacy applications, allowing them to detect and prevent threats in real time.

“The Falcon application security product is designed to meet the needs of commercial and government organizations that are concerned about the growing threat of software supply chain attacks,” said Jason Wilbur, CEO of Require Security. “Our team has worked tirelessly to develop a solution that not only addresses the challenges faced by technology companies utilizing open source libraries but also sets a new standard for runtime application security tools on the market.”

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