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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Qualtrics and Epic Partner for Integrated Data-driven Experience

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Qualtrics, the pioneer of experience management, and Epic, the leader in comprehensive health record (CHR) technology, have joined forces to revolutionize patient experience.

Uniting Patient Experience Data with Health Information

This EHR integration will enable healthcare providers to access a holistic view of each patient’s journey, encompassing both clinical data and patient-reported experiences. This comprehensive understanding will empower providers to deliver more personalized, empathetic, and effective care.

Key Benefits of the Qualtrics-Epic Collaboration

– Personalized Care: Providers can tailor their approach to each patient’s unique needs and preferences, leading to more satisfying and effective interactions.

– Proactive Issue Resolution: Patient feedback is analyzed and flagged for relevant teams, enabling timely intervention and resolution of potential concerns.

– Streamlined Regulatory Reporting: The integration streamlines the exchange of data required for regulatory reporting, such as HCAHPS.

– Enhanced Patient-Provider Relationships: Deeper understanding of patient experiences fosters stronger connections and trust between providers and patients.

By integrating patient experience data with health information, providers can gain a deeper understanding of each patient’s needs and deliver truly personalized, empathetic care. Qualtrics and Epic has the potential to transform the healthcare landscape, improving patient satisfaction, outcomes, and overall well-being.

“With deep experience across consumer industries, Qualtrics brings a broad perspective to healthcare,” said Alan Hutchison, vice president at Epic. “We create software that connects healthcare to improve outcomes, and Qualtrics provides insights that improve the patient experience. Together, our collaboration will help members of the Epic community exceed patients’ evolving expectations.”

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