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Panoply by SQream: Enhanced SMB Data Platform

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New visualization features will provide Panoply’s customers with a more comprehensive solution, enabling them to create dashboards for faster insights, a simpler setup and better control and ownership over business data.

Panoply, the leading end-to-end ELT and analytics solution by SQream, the data and analytics acceleration platform, announced today that it has launched its dashboard feature, optimizing their platform as a truly all-in-one solution for data management. This feature maximizes ease of use with in-platform dashboards, code-free ELT and a managed data warehouse, which translates to meaningful time and cost savings for businesses across industries.

Panoply, already known for its easy-to-use system, is now even more user-friendly with the announcement of its features that enable end-to-end data management. The various features now available within the platform include no-code data connectors, a managed data warehouse, and easy-to-build dashboards, which eliminate the need for customers to shop for multiple solutions and vendors to enable each element of their data stack.

Panoply’s evolution into an all-in-one data solution enables businesses to consolidate their data sources and create visual dashboards for optimized business decisions. Its seamless integration eliminates compatibility issues, facilitating smooth data flow and faster insight delivery. Additionally, streamlined support provides users a single point of contact by simplifying troubleshooting through expert assistance.

“Panoply is an important part of SQream’s vision, which is to give data solutions to all types of organizations, from startups and SMBs to large enterprises,” said Ami Gal, SQream CEO. “This latest release in Panoply answers our vision and closes the data stack loop with a comprehensive, end-to-end data solution.”

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