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Microsoft Launches New Data Analysis Tool Named Explore

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Microsoft’s new Explore tool for Power BI simplifies data exploration, making it easier for users to analyze and visualize data.

Microsoft just launched a new Data Analysis tool, Explore, integrated into Power BI.

In Power BI, users often find themselves in need of spontaneous data exploration. This scenario might involve an analyst accessing a fresh dataset or source and wanting to delve into the data before constructing a comprehensive report.

Alternatively, it could be a business user seeking to address a specific query using data for inclusion in a PowerPoint presentation but finding that the existing report doesn’t precisely address their question. In such cases, initiating a new report from scratch presents a significant obstacle, especially when a quick answer or a snapshot for a presentation is required.

This feature provides users with a streamlined and focused interface for data exploration. Like exporting data or creating a Pivot Table in Excel, Power BI enables users to swiftly access Explore, promptly generate a matrix, or visualize data to obtain the required answers.

This direct approach minimizes distractions and unnecessary complexities commonly associated with building complete reports. Remember that the feature is now in preview, but for some PoC or testing, you surely can use it already.

So, this is a new and very useful feature that Microsoft is providing its Power BI users. You just want to explore data from a Data Lake, Data Warehouse, or a (big) Excel or CSV Sheet. With this tool, getting a first oversight over this kind of data is now easier. 

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