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Locafy Partners with diDNA

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diDNA will provide advertising technology and services to help enhance Locafy’s portfolio of digital properties; diDNA will also promote Locafy’s article accelerator to a large publisher network.

Locafy Limited, a globally recognized software-as-a-service technology company specializing in programmatic “Entity-Based” search engine marketing, today entered an agreement (the “Agreement”) with diDNA, a leading ad tech provider for the publisher ecosystem. Under the terms of the Agreement, diDNA will provide advertising technology and services to help Locafy enhance its digital property portfolio. Also, diDNA has agreed to promote Locafy’s Article Accelerator technology (“Article Accelerator”) to its sizeable publisher client network.

Through diDNA’s proprietary, publisher-first advertising technology, publishers can apply advanced business logic to their ad inventories and programmatic ad deployment processes to maximize their earnings while creating custom user experiences. diDNA’s software provides publishers the opportunity to cut down on time, resources, and extra personnel, further unlocking the monetization capabilities of publishers’ ad inventories.

Under the Agreement, Locafy will broadly deploy diDNA software within its directory portfolio, maximizing Locafy’s revenue-generating opportunities with its directories, including brands such as Hotfrog, Aussieweb, Pink Pages, and SuperPages. Locafy also plans to engage diDNA to monetize its most recent acquisition of Scoop, an iconic luxury media brand representing leading local and global brands and products in the Australian market. As Locafy replicates its strategy of revitalizing underperforming websites through additional acquisition opportunities, especially in niche publishing sectors with high advertising dollar value, it also expects to deploy diDNA technology for these brands.

In addition to its advertising software, diDNA boasts a publishing network with over 40,000 publishers, including many that publish nationally. The broader online publishing industry has faced significant readership and traffic declines in recent years that have grown more acute in the past 12-18 months, largely driven by significant algorithm updates and a surge in AI-generated content. However, ongoing Article Accelerator engagements show that Locafy’s technology drives increased readership by surfacing advertorials through Google search results rather than expecting readers to access the article through the publisher’s primary website.

Through the Agreement, diDNA will implement Article Accelerator alongside its existing advertising software to allow its publishers to increase the prominence of advertorials within online search results for competitive keywords. This collaboration will begin with a paid trial that includes 10-15 publishers in diDNA’s network, where publishers will pay a fee based on the increased number of clicks on their website with an agreed monthly threshold per article. Assuming that the trials are successful, diDNA will recommend Article Accelerator to the broader publishers.

“diDNA is an established name in the advertising, technology, multimedia, and publishing industries, with specific software and strategies to unlock publisher advertising revenue,” said Locafy CEO, Gavin Burnett. “We believe that this agreement will accelerate our work to drive revenue from the digital properties in our portfolio. Additionally, our technology increases readership with diDNA’s sizeable publishing client base; we are confident that Article Accelerator will increase the overall traffic for diDNA’s publishing network websites, augmenting diDNA’s advertising expertise. We look forward to our continued partnership with diDNA as we work to revolutionize how brands approach online SEO.”

“We expect our partnership with Locafy to be a catalyst for additional growth among our already-established customer base,” said diDNA COO Caleb Hooper. “The broader online marketplace has seen recent algorithm updates result in lost website traffic. We are confident that Locafy’s technology will allow us to restore much of that traffic and fuel our software as we help our brands maximize advertising monetization. This agreement is important as we expand our market share in the online advertising space.”

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