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Kigen Announces eSIM/iSIM Deals with IoT Platforms Neue and TEAL

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Kigen collaborates with Neue & TEAL to simplify eSIM/iSIM adoption for IoT developers. Neue offers no-code tools, while TEAL boasts the first US-certified eSIM platform for network switching. Both partnerships aim to democratize secure IoT solutions.

Ireland-based SIM specialist Kigen has made several announcements about supply deals in the eSIM / iSIM space. The firm is working separately with IoT platform providers Neue and TEAL, from Sweden and the US, to combine its SIM security and operating system (OS) tools with their IoT software and IoT cloud solutions, respectively. Both partnerships seek to popularise new eSIM / iSIM-based cellular IoT solutions.

The first collaboration, with Neue, is presented as a no-code path for IoT developers to bring “secure” IoT solutions to market, whether they are based on a physical SIM, or an embedded or integrated SIM (eSIM / iSIM). Neue is pushing a ‘sensor-as-a-service’ offering that integrates Kigen’s SIM security software. The pair said it will “dramatically reduce key product development hurdles” for IoT developers – simplifying development, and accelerating launch schedules.

Neue’s so-called iEnbl hardware platform incorporates its own no-code IoT software and iSIM enablement platform. It is working, together with Kigen, with Austin-based electronics manufacturer Flex, on the solution, which uses Kigen’s SIM OS for sundry SIM-types to support IoT solutions based on a number of connectivity options, including cellular (LTE-M, NB-IoT, 5G) and non-cellular (WiFi, BLE 4.2, RS-232/RS-485, GNSS) IoT technologies, they said.

Neue said its iEnbl suite is being used by 30 customers (“at various stages, from prototyping to large scale deployments”), and is now generally available. Fredrik Wanhainen, chief executive at Neue, said: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Kigen to pioneer a no-code path to the era of innovative connected products. Leveraging iSIM resonates with our vision to democratize IoT with the Neue iEnbl, a complete sensor as service solution and creation environment.”

Meanwhile, TEAL claims the “first US-based eSIM platform to be certified by the GSMA”. Its partnership with Kigen sees the latter’s SGP.32-ready eSIM OS preloaded with its own in-house SGP.32 cloud platforms. A statement declared: “This partnership is a game changer supporting OEM and M2M customers that will soon transition to solutions that support the new eSIM for IoT specification.”

The upcoming SGP.31/32 specification reduces the commercial complexity of switching between eSIM profiles and paves the path for cellular-based IoT devices to leverage standardised remote SIM provisioning at scale, explained analyst house Omdia, in a supplied quote. “We estimate this will boost… cellular IoT… by billions of new connections through 2028,” said John Canali, principal analyst for IoT at the firm.

TEAL’s claims to have developed an eSIM “platform technology” that “connects any device onto any data network worldwide”, and enables IoT users to remotely switch between networks over the air. Kigen OS “prioritizes pragmatic steps to assist TEAL’s customers with the transition to IoT eSIM,” it said. It stated: “With… SGP.32 becoming the go-to deployment model for eSIM, this partnership sets a new standard for the management of IoT at scale.” 

Robert Hamblet, chief executive at TEAL, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Kigen to provide a comprehensive solution melding Kigen’s SGP.32 OS and TEAL’s advanced eSIM Platform technology. This partnership will enable us to provide our customers with the most forward-thinking eSIM technology available, ensuring the highest level of reliability and performance for any IoT deployment.”

Vincent Korstanje, chief executive at Kigen, said of the Neue announcement: “The promise of the integrated iSIM is to unleash secure connected solutions for any company, independent of their experience in cellular. Together, we are empowering customers who are building the future of IoT and AI with security that’s ever-present and available out of the box, opening up new frontiers for connected experiences.”

He said of the TEAL deal: “Kigen is driving the collaboration around the dramatic simplification of IoT expected in the upcoming GSMA SGP.32 standard, and customers at the forefront of innovation need to prepare for this transition. Our partnership with TEAL offers an outstanding combination of cloud and device level stack for eSIM technology at scale.”

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