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Informatica Enhances Data Management via Databricks Integration

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Informatica elevates data management with enhanced Databricks and Unity Catalog integrations, streamlining onboarding from 300+ sources.

Data management leader Informatica, recently announced enhanced Databricks and Unity Catalog-validated data pipeline integrations, a move that is set to improve the company’s growing network of strategic partnerships. These integrations run natively on Databricks for use with Databricks and Databricks Unity Catalog and will allow for swift onboarding of data from 300+ data sources. Subsequently, this data will be readied for consumption through an extensive library of out-of-the-box, no-code, robust data transformation capabilities.

Rik Tamm-Daniels, Group Vice President of Strategic Ecosystems and Technology at Informatica expressed his satisfaction with the development. “[We’re] pleased to see our newly enhanced data pipelines for Databricks and Databricks Unity Catalog achieve Unity Catalog Certification. With the new automated personal staging enhancements and certification, customers have a stellar solution for integrating all of their critical data into Databricks and turning it into ready-to-use AI-powered data for their mission-critical analytics and AI workloads,” he stated.

Informatica’s enhanced capabilities for Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) users include Cloud Data Integration (CDI) Ingest, Automated personal staging location (PSL) Management, Cloud Data Integration Transformation, and Informatica CDI-Free. CDI Ingest validation with Unity Catalog means customers can directly ingest data from over 300 data source types into Databricks. The benefits of Automated personal staging location (PSL) Management include data separation, higher performance, greater data versioning capacity, and cost savings. Customers can also expect fully secure data integration and transformation data pipelines running natively in the Databricks cluster with Cloud Data Integration Transformation. With Informatica CDI-Free, customers can enjoy no-cost ingestion from 40 popular data sources and data transformation for up to 20M rows or ten compute hours per month.

In addition to these enhancements, Informatica’s PowerCentre Modernisation to Databricks program offers customers the opportunity to modernise their existing data estate through self-service capabilities. The program has the potential to significantly reduce costs by automatically migrating over 90% of PowerCentre workloads to the cloud and converting legacy data pipelines into cloud-native data pipelines running natively on Databricks.

Roger Murff, VP of Technology Partners at Databricks, conveyed his enthusiasm for the ongoing collaboration with Informatica. “The new Informatica integration with Databricks Unity Catalog and Informatica’s PC Modernisation to Databricks Program makes it even easier for organisations to adopt the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform as the foundation for their data, analytics and AI investments,” he said.

According to the 2023 State of Date + AI report by Databricks, Informatica is one of the top three fastest-growing data and AI products in the Databricks ecosystem, showing a growth rate of 174% year over year.

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