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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

ImageSource, Inc. Patents Innovative Data Loss Prevention Tech

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Work from anywhere without data leaks! ImageSource’s patented AI tech redacts PII, securing remote access & boosting privacy. Learn how ILINX DLP protects your data from anywhere.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Patent Number 1180361 to ImageSource Inc. for the company’s cutting-edge data security system. The solution, commonly known as ILINX Data Loss Prevention (DLP), is one of the 18 modules comprising the ILINX process improvement platform.

This patented technology enables a work-from-anywhere business model by revolutionizing remote access to personally identifiable information (PII). ILINX Data Loss Prevention uses AI to find and redact PII from view based on location or role-based security settings, enabling staff to see only what they need to without exposing personal information such as customers’ social security numbers or financial information. 

Born of ImageSource’s customer-centric development processes, this innovative data-protection solution addresses organizations’ need to maintain business continuity in a shifting landscape. Today’s move beyond traditional office centers creates an unprecedented urgency to secure confidential information in employee’s homes, temporary offices, or other workspaces. ILINX Data Loss Prevention enables organizations to meet their Service Level Agreements and compliance standards while supporting a hybrid workforce.

This patent award acknowledges the ILINX platform’s unique contribution to cybersecurity. The revolutionary approach behind ILINX Data Loss Prevention helps organizations maintain legal compliance, reduce the risk of data breaches, embrace flexible work models, and enhance customer relationships by ensuring their data is safe and secured.

“We are thrilled to have our innovative efforts recognized with this patent award,” said ImageSource’s Chief Executive Officer Terry Sutherland. “This accomplishment is a testament to our team’s dedication to approaching business problems from a new perspective to create meaningful technology solutions for our customer-partners.”

This patent award reaffirms ImageSource, Inc.’s ongoing commitment to hyper-automating business processes and reinforces its position as a leader in process innovation.

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