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Google Analytics 4 Launches New Trend Detection Insight

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While the new feature is similar to anomaly detection, trend detection highlights more gradual changes that unfold over an extended period.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) added a new trend detection insight highlighting “subtle but long-lasting and important changes in your data.”

How it works. The new feature works like anomaly detection, helping identify changes in data. But there’s a key difference: while anomaly detection spots sudden spikes or drops, trend change detection focuses on slower changes happening over a longer time. This gives users a detailed view of data changes, making it a useful tool to spot both quick and long-term trends.

Why we care, deeper insights into trends facilitate data-driven decisions, enhancing optimization effectiveness. Understanding market behavior allows you to predict future opportunities, manage risks, and allocate resources efficiently.

Using trend detection. To access trend change data, navigate to the Insight card within the Insights and Recommendations section on the GA4 homepage. This information is visible in the Reports snapshot, Advertising snapshot, and Insights hub.

Reaction. While some marketers welcomed the new insight, others preferred GA4 to prioritize other insights, such as real-time data, over this particular addition. Curtis Moldrich, Digital Editor at Car magazine, wrote on X: “Where is real-time by page?”

Daniel J. Pinna, Founder and Creator of Ancient Faces, agreed, posting on X: “The feature is awesome. But yes, I’m w/ you Curtis. Where are the tools that we need and are gone from Universal?”

Google is yet to announce when or if it will release real-time data on GA4.

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