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Goodix Tech Sets New Mobile Audio Benchmark

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Goodix launches the TFA9865 smart amplifier, boasting higher efficiency, superior sound quality, and compact size, perfect for next-generation mobile devices. This innovative chip leverages a digital architecture and advanced processes to redefine mobile audio.

As consumers seek richer and more immersive audio experiences, mobile phones and tablets require the integration of more complex audio systems. This demands higher audio performance, lower power consumption, and more space-efficient solutions from smart amplifiers. Goodix Technology officially launched the new generation smart amplifier, TFA9865. Leveraging a proprietary, full digital architecture and advanced manufacturing processes, the TFA9865 sets a new standard in audio performance. It offers higher efficiency, enhanced sound volume, reduced noise, and compact dimensions of just 2.2*2.2 mm². The product will become the audio industry’s new benchmark with its latest innovations.

An Innovative Digital Architecture and Unprecedented Performance Upgrade

With the growing popularity of binge-watching shows, viewing short videos, and gaming on smartphones, consumers’ demands for mobile audio quality and battery life are increasingly high. To address this, the TFA9865 incorporates Goodix’s newly developed CoolPWM technology, shattering the limitations of traditional technology architectures through a pure digital path design and advanced energy efficiency management mechanisms.

It achieves the highest output power of 7W in its class and an ultra-low noise floor of less than 7uV, providing louder and clearer sound quality for mobile devices. It significantly extends device battery life with higher efficiency, lower static power consumption, and integrated advanced battery management features such as low voltage supply. Moreover, its superior electromagnetic interference (EMI) resistance meets customers’ needs for simpler PCB peripheral circuit designs.

Revolutionary Manufacturing Processes Significantly Reduced the Size

Benefiting from Goodix Technology’s new digital Class-D architecture and collaboration with a renowned chip manufacturer, who developed the first-of-its-kind and specially tuned 90nm BCD process, the audio amplifier chip achieves unparalleled audio performance in the industry, with dimensions of just 2.2*2. 2mm².. The smaller chip size and simplified peripheral components offer more flexibility for customers’ applications.

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Advancing Audio Technology Innovation with 40 Years of Accumulated Technological Expertise

The development of the TFA9865 represents a significant milestone, showcasing the rich heritage and innovation of an internationally acclaimed audio research and development team. With a legacy that spans over four decades, this team embarked on its journey in the 1980s at Philips, focusing on audio chip technology. Subsequently, the team formed NXP’s Voice and Audio Solution product line, and in 2012, they pioneered smart amplifier solutions, bringing unparalleled clarity and a superior listening experience to users worldwide.

In 2020, this expert team joined Goodix Technology, becoming the core force of its audio product line. Focused on pioneering innovations across hardware and software, they also develop solutions based on deep learning techniques. These advancements are significantly enhancing user experience in both voice and sound quality.

“TFA9865, the latest pinnacle of Goodix’s audio innovation, has set a new benchmark for achieving high-performance audio through low power consumption and compact size,” stated Dr. Yang Yuqing, Senior Vice President and head of the Audio Business Unit at Goodix Technology. “With the advent of the AI era, we will leverage our innovative technologies that offer unique value for mobile audio, in conjunction with AI applications, to help global clients achieve business growth.”

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