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Fovia AI Showcases Advanced AI Visualization at RSNA

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Fovia AI unveils its AI visualization platform at RSNA 2023, enabling seamless interaction with AI results from various sources.

Fovia AI, a subsidiary of advanced visualization firm Fovia, is showcasing AI interaction and visualization of AI results from multiple vendors and algorithms displayed efficiency and one consistent user interface in the RSNA 2023 Imaging Artificial Intelligence and Practice Demonstration (AIPD).

With a single consistent user interface, regardless of the origin of the algorithm, AI-supported image interpretation is streamlined, according to the company.

Fovia AI will demonstrate its F.A.S.T. aiCockpit, showing how AI capabilities can be leveraged for PACS, reporting systems, universal viewers, and hospital systems. With F.A.S.T. AK SDK, visitors to the demonstration can preview select workflows integrated with various vendors.

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