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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Forcepoint Launches AI-Powered Data Security Platform for Complete Cloud-to-Endpoint Protection

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Forcepoint unveils Forcepoint ONE Data Security, a cloud-managed solution simplifying data protection with zero trust for all businesses. This AI-powered platform offers unified data security management and proactive breach prevention across endpoints, cloud, and applications.

Global security leader Forcepoint today introduced Forcepoint ONE Data Security, an enterprise-grade unified cloud-managed solution designed to simplify data protection with zero-trust principles for all organizations. 

The new Forcepoint SaaS solution provides unified endpoint and multi-channel cloud data security management, eliminating the need for multiple tools and complex policy management. Unlike traditional solutions that take considerable time to deploy or multiple tools to manage, Forcepoint offers a single place to manage data security policy for global compliance and proactive breach prevention across all digital channels. 

The new AI-enabled Forcepoint ONE offerings, including the recently launched Data Security Posture Management solution, are key elements of Forcepoint’s full-lifecycle ‘data security everywhere’ capabilities.   

Manny Rivelo, CEO of Forcepoint, said: “The significance of consolidating security solutions into a single, cloud-delivered platform can’t be overstated. Forcepoint’s ‘data security everywhere’ approach provides unified visibility and control over all data, enabling teams with limited resources to implement modern security measures.” 

“In our research, businesses estimate that using a unified set of data security policies everywhere can generate operational savings of 31 percent by reducing complexity and improving staff productivity,” said Frank Dickson, Group Vice President of Security & Trust at IDC. “Also, 91 percent of the organizations surveyed said this approach would improve their overall data security.”

With privacy regulations covering more than 70% of the world, mid-sized enterprises are under increasing pressure to enhance security measures. Forcepoint addresses the challenges organizations face with employees using diverse devices, networks, and cloud applications by delivering ‘always-on’ data security across all touchpoints. This includes BYOD environments, cloud apps, websites, and email, ensuring protection even when devices are unmanaged or offline.

The Forcepoint ONE cloud-delivered platform enables seamless transitions from outdated security systems to agile, unified data security solutions, improving productivity and reducing operational costs by up to 31%.

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Key Features and Benefits of Forcepoint ONE Data Security Include: 

  • Unified management and enforcement of data security policies across critical channels, including endpoints, cloud-managed email, SaaS applications, private apps, custom apps, and websites. 
  • AI-driven classifiers simplify the complex use cases of intellectual property identification and reduce false positives, saving enterprises time and money.
  • Single interface for Forcepoint Risk-Adaptive Protection and Device Control capabilities streamline incident response and policy enforcement. 
  • AI-enabled compliance with fast and accurate sensitive data identification and tagging combined with over 1,700 out-of-the-box classifiers, templates, and policies facilitates rapid data identification and regulatory compliance across various industries and geographies worldwide.
  • Fast deployment of policies, with agentless support for BYOD environments and near real-time security incident gathering. 

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