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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Deloitte Offers AI Cybersecurity with NVIDIA Morpheus

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Deloitte and NVIDIA team up to fight cybercrime! Deloitte uses NVIDIA Morpheus AI to develop custom cybersecurity solutions for faster threat detection, improved efficiency, and cost savings.

Today, Deloittea global leader in cybersecurity services, announced it is working with NVIDIA to help clients integrate advanced cyber artificial intelligence (AI) models and capabilities into their cybersecurity solutions.

Deloitte will use NVIDIA Morpheus to help clients enable their cybersecurity solutions with AI. Together, Deloitte and NVIDIA will build customized frameworks and develop use cases focused on improved efficiencies, decreasing time to identify issues and potential adversarial activity.

NVIDIA Morpheus is a cloud-native cybersecurity software development kit (SDK), which uses AI to detect, capture, and react to threats and anomalies that were previously difficult to identify. This solution provides a unified AI-based framework through a scalable cybersecurity detection and response solution to help clients better identify novel patterns and proactively improve their security posture.

“We’ve expanded our work with NVIDIA into cyber-AI to provide faster time to detect, fewer false positives, and overall efficiencies — all to help deliver better outcomes to our clients,” said Emily Mossburg, Deloitte Global Cyber Leader and a principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP.

Deloitte’s cyber frameworks, services, and solutions — integrated with NVIDIA Morpheus — offer potential benefits, including:

  • Flexibility: Deloitte’s custom models, integrated with NVIDIA Morpheus, provide a reusable unified framework for cybersecurity AI solutions.
  • Ease of Use: Cloud-native framework with extensible reference examples that provide faster time to deployment.
  • Cost Savings: Operational efficiency gains and reduction in technology needs translate to cost savings.
  • Scalability: Reduced hardware needs allow large enterprise deployments to be more cost-effective.
  • Efficiency: Deloitte’s custom models integrate NVIDIA Morpheus, which offers generative AI capabilities powered by NVIDIA NeMo, allowing automated and faster analysis and response and helping generate synthetic data to train AI models to identify risks accurately.

“Organizations are increasingly looking to adopt AI-enabled solutions so that security teams can stay ahead of anomalies, regardless of whether they’re adversarial or not,” said Bartley Richardson, director of cybersecurity engineering at NVIDIA. “Deloitte’s extensive cyber capabilities and solutions, integrated with NVIDIA Morpheus, help clients bolster their cybersecurity with faster threat detection capabilities as they work to build, maintain, and expand cyber agility and resilience.”

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