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Darwin CX Expands Globally through dsb Partnership

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Darwin CX acquires dsb, expanding its SaaS solutions for publishers to the European market. The combined offering provides data-driven personalization and next-gen sales and marketing tools.

Darwin CX and dsb deepened their alliance as Darwin CX became a shareholder of dsb. The Canadian company’s investment in dsb expands Darwin CX into the UK and European market and dsb becomes part of the pioneering Darwin CX family. The strategic partnership marks a significant milestone for Darwin CX and dsb, both leading providers of SaaS solutions and services for publishers.

The most remarkable aspect of this union is the parallel trajectories of these formidable companies before the partnership. Darwin CX and dsb’s fly ecosystem launched in 2018 with the goal of modernizing the publishing industry, which had become heavily reliant on outdated practices and legacy systems. Each company was on an independent mission to create an ecosystem of tools and solutions allowing publishers to thrive in a fast-paced, data-driven, digital-first marketplace.

Best practices from North America meet European recipes for success

“While Darwin CX developed a platform for the needs of a North American publishing audience, the dsb fly ecosystem offers its European customers a variety of tools to increase acquisition, maximize customer lifetime value and reduce costs and effort,” explains Liam Lynch, CEO of Darwin CX.

Broader range of resources and features

Darwin CX and dsb are process experts in the publishing environment. “We know the industry’s workflows and have the same vision. Now, as subscription professionals, we are joining forces and offering our customers scalable solutions that enable them to tap into new revenue streams in a dynamic market,” emphasizes Olaf Bendt, CEO of the dsb Group. “Our customers benefit from an even broader range of resources and features.”

Next-generation sales and marketing solutions

Publishers are battling dwindling attention spans and declining engagement. dsb and Darwin CX offer the publishing industry new, powerful tools for even more accurate content offers, prices and subscription conditions. This is based on data-driven, AI-supported personalization, which offers publishers new insights into their customers’ engagement and launches targeted measures to increase loyalty.

Prioritizing business continuity

“To meet the growing needs of our customers, dsb will expand their fly back-end infrastructure while integrating some of Darwin CX’s key marketing and data management tools. Of course, business continuity will be maintained for both our European and North American clients. We will offer our clients the best of both worlds without disrupting their day-to-day business,” emphasizes Alex Münch, COO at dsb Group.

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Solutions for digital and printed content

Darwin CX and dsb are united by a focus on maximizing recurring revenue, seamless integration of online and offline solutions, and a fundamental belief in customer centricity. “The DNA of both companies is the publishing industry. That’s why, together with dsb, we focus on customized solutions for printed and digital Content”, stresses Michael Smith, Darwin CX Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer.

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