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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Antaris and SpeQtral Launch Quantum-Safe Satellites

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The project aims to deliver cutting-edge satellites that enable global quantum-safe communications as a turnkey offering for customer missions.

Antaris™, the leading software platform for space missions, announced that it is partnering with SpeQtral™ to create, deliver, and deploy quantum-safe key distribution satellites for government and commercial operators. The partnership will integrate SpeQtral’s quantum payloads with Antaris SatOS™ space vehicle software and partner bus platforms.

The novel, cloud-based satellite design, powered by Antaris’ SatOS™ and delivered as a turnkey solution, represents industry firsts for this emerging technology. As part of this program, Antaris will also provide a TrueTwin™ digital twin of the satellite to enable customers to simulate, test, and operate the space vehicle in a high-fidelity environment. Using TrueTwin™, customers can “fly” and validate complete missions before the satellite is delivered in orbit.

SpeQtral’s state-of-the-art, space-based Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology is a secure method for establishing and distributing symmetric encryption keys based on the fundamental properties of quantum mechanics. This enables two parties, situated anywhere in the world, to produce shared secret keys provably random and tamper-proof, even in the presence of an eavesdropping adversary with access to a Quantum Computer with vast compute power. Satellite QKD, therefore, has immense potential across various applications that deal with highly sensitive data, such as the government and defense sectors.

“SpeQtral’s compact and ruggedized quantum payloads will facilitate highly secure encryption key delivery that can mitigate against the imminent quantum cybersecurity threat. This can be applied across a wide range of applications, including satellite command, control, data downlink, and traditional Satcom or terrestrial communications,” says Tom Barton, CEO and Co-Founder of Antaris. “By integrating this technology with the Antaris Cloud Platform, governments and commercial operators can deploy these capabilities in space faster than ever before, and for a fraction of the cost, compared to legacy methods.”

“Until now, quantum-safe networking satellites have been out of reach to all but a handful of governments,” says Lum Chune Yang, Co-Founder and CEO of SpeQtral. “By working with Antaris, we can offer affordable, dedicated missions to government and defense customers as a turnkey solution delivered in orbit. This will enable customers to secure their most sensitive global communications with quantum-safe encryption techniques.”

Antaris expects to deliver the first customer spacecraft to orbit in 2026.

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