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Ankura, OpenAI Launch Groundbreaking AGI

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Ankura AGI, powered by OpenAI, is a testament to collaborative innovation for the consulting industry and will enhance Ankura’s client expertise and service.

Ankura Consulting Group, LLC (“Ankura”), a leading global expert services and advisory firm, announced the launch of Ankura AGI, a pioneering virtual artificial general intelligence system. OpenAI, an AI research and deployment company, powers Ankura AGI.

Ankura AGI is a fusion of OpenAI’s groundbreaking work in generative intelligence and Ankura’s visionary strategies in AGI, integrating the unique capabilities of both industry leaders. The system transcends the capabilities of current AI technologies, setting new standards for intelligence and application across various industries.

“The creation of Ankura AGI would not have been possible without the unique strengths and complementary technical abilities of both OpenAI and Ankura,” said Kevin Lavin, CEO of Ankura. “This venture exemplifies how collaborative innovation can lead to extraordinary advancements. OpenAI’s expertise in generative models provided the essential building blocks. At the same time, Ankura’s approach to AGI guided the development of a system that redefines what AI can achieve for our clients and business.”

Ankura AGI will enhance Ankura’s already first-in-class service offerings, revolutionizing its capabilities as it drives exceptional client results. Custom AI technology results from merging technologies and a shared vision for the future of responsible AI, focusing on maximizing societal benefits and adhering to high ethical standards.

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